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Documentation for ciscoconf

1. Introduction

2. Using ciscoconf

1. Introduction

Ciscoconf is a simple shell script which backups the running and the startup configuration of Cisco Routers.
The script uses expect to establish a telnet or ssh connection to a specific Router.
Then it will fetch the current configuration and compare it with the last known config.
The results are saved and send to a list of emails proveded in the maillist file (empty for no mails).
If the configuration has changed, ciscoconf will save the new config in a special folderstructure.

Requires expect and sendmail to be installed on the machine.

2. Using ciscoconf

For automation a list of divices can be provided in the divices file.
  Format: mode;host;name;passwort;user|(secret-passwort;[user])

  ./ciscoconf [COMMAND] | mode host name password user|(secret-password [user])

  -a,  --all                backup all devices provided in the devices file

  mode telnet, t or ssh, s
  host ip address or name of host
  name name for the folder
  password password
  secret-password   secret-password for telnet
  user username

  ciscoconf t myhost1 save saver me
    telnet based bakup of in myhost1/
  ciscoconf s myhost2 save me
    ssh based bakup of in myhost2/

Developed by Fabian Stammen